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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lifestyle: (n) the habits, attitudes, tastes, moral standards, etc., that together constitute the mode of living of an individual or group.

Okay, I know I say this a lot, but I love photography. I love the feeling I get when I just know that the moment was captured. The feeling of seeing someone put forth their true personality before my lens. I love meeting new people, and learning to newly appreciate those I've known for years. Sometimes what I see makes me so happy, I jump up and down. Really. And that's just what I did today when I was in my sister's garden. Why? Because she gets me. She sees life like I do. We love the same things. The feel of dirt between our toes, the warm soil enveloping the soles of our feet. The cascade of water from a watering can. The way the light warms the faces of our children. The fleeting moments of their childhood that we know we'll treasure for always. The feeling of a warm cup of coffee in hand as we sit on our front steps with our husbands, talking about the Cape. She understands what I'm looking for when I ask her to pick some lettuce and hold it up like a fisherman would a prized fish. And, most of all, she totally gets why I jump up and down when I see something that I love. That's why I left my sister and brother-in-law's home with a happy heart. Because she gets me.

"Children of the same family, the same blood, with the same first associations and habits, have some means of enjoyment in their power, which no subsequent connections can supply."

~Jane Austen, English authoress (1775-1817


  1. AnonymousMay 30, 2009

    Looks like somebody likes their toes!
    Great pictures and great subject matter!

  2. Shan KentMay 31, 2009

    Beautiful family! We can really see time pass - in our children can't we? Betsy = VERY TALENTED!

  3. AnonymousMay 31, 2009

    Love Love Love these!! I am pretty partial to the ppl also :) the pics of just Kev and Kate are awesome!!!!! and the 3 little boys in those suits and flip flops. AMAZING!!!
    Melinda (proud Aunt and sis)

  4. What beautiful photos of a beautiful family. They look sooo great!!!! Those boys are so handsome.

    Luv Aunt Kara