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Monday, May 11, 2009

Surprise: to astonish; amaze

This session was so much fun, as much mystery and planning surrounded it! A few weeks ago, my brother-in-law contacted me to surreptitiously get some awesome photos for his wife for Mother's Day! I have to admit, I'm pretty impressed with his abilities! We had the kids go to my mother-in-laws, and I came and picked them up. Pete sent along some jeans and white shirts, and I had a great time driving around with the 4 of them, getting some images for Kelly! Now that Mother's Day is over, I'm excited to share these gorgeous faces with my readers!

Oh, and I have to say that Pete even went out and purchased beautiful frames all by himself... impressive, ha? (Hi, Pete! :)

On to my gorgeous nieces and nephews (I'm warning you now, I'm putting up a ton...'cuz they're just adorable kids!)

I found a 'new' wall! I am loving this one- the pattern on it comes from a vine that used to grow there, and the lighter streaks are where the leaves used to shade the cement. 'Definitely using this backdrop again! And this is my favorite one of Miss Katie Rose:

Watch out, ladies!

Bare feet + old columns= happy photographer.

I know I see him with bias, but seriously, could he get any cuter?!

Their Dad is a fireman, so of course, we had to get some at the Ellington Firehouse-

Little Lindsey B knows how to capture your heart:

The eyes have it:

Chris was watching a huge truck go by here: (Yes, he inherited the gear-head gene!)

The grin:

The little punkin:

Magnolias are pretty even in black and white:

I love the lines here:

All 4 of the kids were perfectly behaved- I told them that once Kelly got the pictures, their Uncle Paul and I would treat them to dinner at Vernon Pizza. So, Kate, you'd better call Aunt Betz and make a date! :)

* Be on the lookout for another gorgeous set of children who gave a Mother's Day surprise to their Nana. It was given to her as a special gift to help her smile during a painful loss. 'Nothing like grandkids to help heal heartache...

"Always try to do something for the other fellow and you will be agreeably surprised how things come your way- how many pleasing things are done for you."
-Claude Bristol

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