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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nurture: (v) protect: to nurture one's offspring; to support and encourage,

Little moments can have the deepest meaning, capturing the nuances of our lives in a fraction of time. I'm reminded of this so often when I finish up a session; how a picture really can tell a story, and create emotions deep within.

A photograph can show with clarity the love of a mother, and the protection of a father-- The joy in her smile as she holds her son, and the utmost pride in her eyes as she looks down on her little boy. It can show a father's raised eyebrows, lifted in hope and expectation, watching for that instant of connection from his little boy. A little boy who has been through so much, and still has a road to travel. Yet he keeps his placid, happy nature, looking up, even giving a sweet little grin through the pain he must feel. It's almost like he knows how much he is loved, ready to bring beauty and contrast to a family just beginning.

Though so much is shown in a picture, there's more to learn, more to expect. Stories to come, and journeys to make. Memories to create, and dreams to fulfill. I don't know what Gavin's story will be, but I do know this: I am blessed to see it unfold.

"The grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for."

-Allan K. Chalmers


  1. CollersleanMay 14, 2009

    Simply put...Just Beautiful!

  2. THanks so much betsy - It looks like number one is going to blog everyone else out of the water
    :( I can still hope.

    I love this photo - its so natural - I love that its not posey