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Monday, March 23, 2009

Tender: (adj) delicate, soft, or gentle. *updated

A sweet little boy visited our house last week to get some photos. I will first acknowledge my bias in relation to this little lovebug, because Gavin is the son of my brother-in-law and sister-in-law. Who knew that someone who really isn't very closely related to me could cause me to melt so easily? When I hold him, he just lays his head down and snuggles in, a little boy who just loves to be loved. He has the bluest eyes, and when he looks at you and smiles, well, you pretty much feel like you just won something. Really. And his mom? Oh, he loves her dearly. When I needed him to give a little smile, all I had to do was ask Beth to come near him, and he was ebullient! I've written before about Gavin and his parents and the tender care and love they give him; this session proved to be no different.

The reason for the session is that Gavin starts his first surgery of a series tomorrow, to repair a cleft lip and palate. Since it will begin to change the look and shape of his face quite rapidly, Beth and Rob wanted to document the journey as it unfolds.

Knowing that it's not an easy thing to see someone you love in a hospital bed, I thought if anyone would like, they can leave a little thought or note of encouragement in the comment box for Gavin's parents to read as they face this journey they're beginning.

Bethany and Ro-bear, I know that Gavin is loved by so many, and many thoughts and prayers are being said for him as he faces surgery tomorrow. Keep smiling; we love you!

Nora loves this little guy:

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"How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of the weak and strong. Because someday in your life you will have been all of these."

-George Washington Carver

American scientist, botanist, educator


  1. Rob & Beth-
    We are thinking of all of you this week. I can only imagine the anxiety that you are facing. Anderson and Gavin are only 6 weeks apart so it hits alittle closer here what you are facing. We pray all goes well. Our Love- Andrew, Colleen, Wade, Landon, and Anderson.

  2. Rob & Beth
    We hope all goes well for you this week and we will be praying for you. These are some very cute photos.
    Dan and Melinda (Ryan) Fehr

  3. Jean-Marie CurrierMarch 23, 2009

    Rob and Beth,

    On 7-11-05, Keith and I handed over our precious baby, Ally for an 8 hour open heart surgery. There are truly no words to describe what you will feel. Know that our thoughts, and most of all, prayers are with you all as you face the journey ahead. Jean-Marie Currier (and family)

  4. Rob & Beth
    We will pray for you, your litle Gavin and his doctors. God will carry you through. We have spent many days (and nights) in the hospital with our children. Whenever we look back, we can clearly see God's hand in it all. He will not leave you.
    Love, Jason & Sue
    John TJ Grace Abel

  5. Rob & Beth,

    We will certainly keep you in our thoughts and prayers tomorrow and as Gavin goes through each of his surgeries. I'm sure it will be tough for you to see your beautiful baby go through this, but we hope everyone's love and support will get you through.
    Love, Matthew and Kara Stanley

  6. Sharon KloterMarch 23, 2009

    Dear Rob and Beth,
    What a precious little boy you have! You will all be in our prayers as you face the surgeries ahead--God is faithful--may you feel His strength through it all.
    With our love,
    Eric and Sharon

  7. These pictures are so beautiful. They capture all of Gavin- his amazing smile that makes any day brighter, his "deep in thought" look, and the amazing love he has for you Beth. He is one of the most precious little angels and we are so lucky to have him in our lives. He's a strong little boy and has so much love and prayers his way that he will breeze through these surgeries. We love you guys so very much!
    Love, Scott, Carrie, Kylee & Evan Johnson

  8. Cheryl RyanMarch 23, 2009

    Rob and Beth,
    We are thinking of you often and praying for you all as Gavin undergoes this surgery. May God provide your every need and guide the hands of the physician.
    We love you!

  9. Rob & Beth,
    We will be praying for you, Gavin, and the nurses/doctors this week...we understand the anxiety that we will feel but our Great God will help you through each step of the way! Love, Derek & Darla
    Nolan Benson Addison

  10. Dear little Gavin and his loving family - best wishes to you during your surgeries and hospital stays. Know that you have many people - strangers like myself included - that are rooting and praying for you from the sidelines. Can't wait to here about and see the progress!

    Beautiful work Betsy! :)

  11. Rob & Beth-

    We will be praying hard for you and little Gavin. May God grant peace to your hearts and help to the doctor's hands.

    Our Love,
    Barry, Karen, Jayme & Audrey Lanz

  12. Dear Rob and Beth
    We will be thinking of you tomorrow and pray that God will give you strength and peace as you wait.
    Our Love to you,
    Kevin Katie Ry Brandon and Darren

  13. Rob & Beth,
    Our thoughts and prayers will be with you also as Gavin goes in for surgery. May God grant you strength each step of the way!
    These pictures are a treasure, he is so precious!
    Sending Our Love,
    Tim,Dana & Family

  14. Rob & Beth,
    Such a sweet little boy! We are thinking about you and praying for Gavin as he has his surgery. May you feel the nearness of God and the power of prayer.
    With Love,
    Ron & Bonnie, Marcy, Seth, Nate & Benjamin

  15. Rob & Beth,
    What a sweet little boy you have! We will be praying for you and thinking about you throughout Gavin's surgery. May God grant you peace and strength.
    Sarah Virkler

  16. Rob and Beth-
    Your family is in our thoughts and prayers as Gavin begins his surgeries. May God grant comfort and peace to you during this time.
    Mark and Ashley Lanz

  17. Rob & Beth,
    You have been and will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers as Gavin undergoes his surgery. It's hard for us to understand the anxiety you feel and yet God fully understands. Know that God is faithful and will never leave you! May God be with you and grant much comfort and strength.
    Love & prayers,
    Rachel Virkler

  18. Our dearest Robbie, Beth and Gavin
    We love you and keep you in our thoughts and prayers as you face the day tomorrow and the weeks ahead to prepare for the next surgery. May you feel the hand of God upon you even in these anxious moments. "Be still and know that I am God." Ps. 46 v.10
    Grampy and Grammy Hany