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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Learn: (v) to acquire knowledge of or skill in by study, instruction, or experience

I had an opportunity to work with and learn from some very skilled photographers yesterday at a 'Ten Eyck Tuesday' workshop. Carla Ten Eyck is a photographer based right in downtown Hartford, and I've admired her photography from afar for some time. When I saw she was offering a discounted spot in her workshop, I did everything I could to win the chance to go. All my effort was worth it! I learned so much from each person there- Robert Norman, Katie Slater, Joanne Vandal, and Graham Scobey, as well as Carla herself. Shooting alongside some of the most talented photographers was both a privilege and a dream of mine, and I'm so grateful I got the chance. Katie was our shooting subject for the day, and though she said she 'didn't know what to do,' she was excellent at following our prompts, even throwing in some great suggestions.

We had a lecture to begin, question-and-answer session and then shot almost all day (freeeezing day!) until Carla made us all a delicious burrito dinner, with caramel flan for dessert. So good! After our images were processed, we put them all on a huge screen for group critique. I will admit to having a stomachache when my images went up, but everyone was so nice and complimentary, helpful and full of suggestions, that I was thrilled I had participated. It was a fantastic opportunity get ideas, learn more about our abilities to bring greater quality to our images, and hear feedback from others on what worked and what can be fine-tuned.

I enjoy learning by reading and researching, but I found yesterday that there is nothing like shooting along the real pros to understand and further my strengths. We found light that I would normally run away from (I mean it!) and worked it to our advantage. I was able to learn how to correctly use a reflector, and I'm no longer intimidated by the huge thing! In the light I was most 'afraid' of, I found my favorite shots. And lens-flare, which I was quite leery of, became my best friend. So, thank you, Carla and staff.

The skilled Mrs. TenEyck and her fabulous logo: (she is under there- it was really, really cold!)

My favorites--working the flare:
*Faux fur, for those who may be concerned. No animals were harmed during this 'shoot'! (Sorry, couldn't resist that one...)

The light was changing so quickly:

Rim light making me happy-

And more lens flare:

Some negative space:

A quality florist, Datura, out of Middletown, created some beautiful arrangements. This one was a floral piece to be worn around the neck. After Katie had used it for some shots, she placed it here, and I just couldn't let it sit there without giving it some lens action:

It was a great learning experience, and I owe thanks to my Mom and Paul for their work in making it happen for me. Love you both!

"Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can- there will always come a time when you will be grateful you did."
-Sarah Caldwell, opera company director, conductor (March 6, 1924 – March 23, 2006)


  1. A.MAZ.ING!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can't tell you how much I love the smoky, black and white photo and the red cape flare photo. They are true favorites for me!

    Betsy, you were so wonderful to work with, I appreciated your kindness and enthusiasm so much! You are a wonderful, wonderful photographer!!!

  2. Each time I pop back in here week to week, I find that you have many more savory nuggets to look at :) Are you sure that nursing is the right path for you lol??? What a gift you've been given, and what a treasure we all have because of it!

  3. Shannon, you're not the first one to ask that question! But both jobs/hobbies involve people interaction, which I enjoy! :)

  4. that necklace on the bathtub shot is fantastic. just like pretty things discarded at the end of a delicious evening.... I'm not a professional photographer, but i notice your crazy use of light is something one rarely sees in the average album. Great work!