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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Senior Photo Sneak Peek - (well, sort of.)

This is supposed to be a sneak peek, but so many of these pictures begged me to put them up right away, I just couldn't resist. I told Julianne's mom that I'd have maybe 2 or 3 done by tonight... something tells me she won't mind that there are more!

I had a wonderful time taking your senior pictures, Julianne! You did a lovely job; all I had to do was document it! The rest will be up soon, but I'm warning you: there are so many of you looking beautiful; I don't know how you're going to choose your favorites! (Because I sure couldn't...)

Rim light makes me happy:

So pretty:

Oh, in case anyone's wondering:

-yes, that is a Jeep coming at us, and

-yes, I was laying in the road-- but doesn't it make for a neat shot? :) Julianne was in the crosswalk; they had to yield to us, right?


  1. CollersleanMarch 26, 2009

    Awesome Betz! They are just perfect!

  2. Ashley LuginbuhlMarch 26, 2009

    Besty, i love all of your pictures! They are so beautiful!

  3. Shan (the Doula)March 26, 2009

    Beautiful are they all! But I LOVE the white skirt....

  4. Thank you! What I failed to mention is that I got a new lens about an hour before my session with Julianne. Hello?! I don't think it's coming off the camera body anytime soon...

  5. Lucky Julianne! These are Great!!

  6. betsy, these are gorgeous. i love the second shot!

    what lens are these taken with? they look so crisp and buttery all at the same time. i love them all.

  7. Thanks, Erica- I can always count on you to notice the details! It's the 50 1.4; LOVing it! I'll catch up with you via email.

  8. Betsy
    These pictures are beautiful!! I remember babysitting for you Julianne and you have grown up to be a beautiful young lady! I am feeling old too !! :)

  9. Betsy...love your work..the chair shot outside is my favorite...

  10. I always look forward to seeing your new photo shoots and posts. These photos of Julianne are just beautiful...I love the lighting and the angles you used. Julianne, if you're reading this, you're beautiful inside and out.


  11. julieanne got stunning since i last saw her! although i did always know she was a sweet heart ;) great job betsy, i want you to take Rebecca and I sometime!
    Elizabeth Schaefer