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Thursday, December 3, 2009

A little look into a lot of love.

Sometimes when I photograph, it's as if I am finally figuring something out that's been percolating in my thoughts for awhile. While photographing these images, this is what I understood: We value youth as beauty, above so many attributes. We honor the new blossom of love as a young, vivacious and important emotion. And it is. But then I get to see this, and I realize our society has a flawed view of what we should value. So I bring it to you now, in the form of these two who look at each other and see each other. Really see each other, as they saw 58 years ago. And it's then I realize that the blossom of youth fades and quickly withers. But the emotion that endures is so plainly evident in their eyes. In their hands. In the way they laugh. In the way they understand.

I love my job-- because during a session like this one, it doesn't feel like a job at all.

This was supposed to be just a quick little look at one or two images, but I couldn't help it. There are too many that are beautiful because of the love these two share. So, I will be bringing many, many more to the blog once the session edit is finished.

Lou and Alice, I wish I could convey how much your session impressed me. So I will just say thank you. (And Pam and family, you made my day. Thanks for trusting me with these memories!)


  1. Betsy, These are wonderful! My grandparents are so cute :)
    Thanks so much, Sara

  2. BEAUTIFUL..and SUPER cute!!

  3. These are so wonderful! Great job capturing the love! Kate

  4. :) thank you so much for doing these. you did a fantastic job as usual :) capturing their cuteness :-P

  5. Great pictures of two very sweet people!! I know that the family will cherish these pictures forever! Dorothy

  6. Betsy,
    You did a wonderful job. I love them. Can't wait to see more. This is going to be so hard to choose.