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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Schooling: (n) instruction in school; training, guidance or discipline derived from experience.

So, does anyone think it's normal to walk into a building and think, "What a great place for a photo shoot!"? Hmm, 'thought so. I do have a sister who looks at every thing through a painter's brush. Maybe I see it through a lens? Except her canvases require more skill than I possess!

Yesterday began my first day of classes for the Spring semester. (Spring! Doesn't that sound nice?) And, like any 'normal' (?) student, I had to bring my camera along. I love the building- the architecture, the Art-Deco style, the lines and columns. So I decided, since I've spent the last 2 years of my life here, and will spend the next 2 years of my life in the same locale, that it's time for a photo essay.

Can't you just see this as a backdrop for a couple's shoot? Valentine's Day is coming...The reflections would make for a great image.

And these lights are spiffy:

Now I know how goofy I look from the other side of the lens! (Except usually my eye is squinted shut like I'm in unbearable pain--I'm not, though.)

Can anyone tell me what major company this building housed in its heyday?

One of my favorite things--This revolving circle goes through five of the floors in the college. It represents the revolution of the Earth over the span of 24 hours, and moves at the same pace as the globe. Its movement is imperceptible to the eye, but when you leave it for an hour or more, you can see it has changed position. The sculptures along the rim represent various places on the globe. Hartford is in gold, center bottom of the picture.

And I like this larger-than-life sculpture entitled 'Family.' I'd love to sit a family at its base and get a shot of it:

The 8th Floor of Capital is where I'll be spending most of my time over the next 2 years:

And the view from the 8th:

Thanks for joining me- now, when I talk about school, my family knows where I'm coming from, and you can see why I like the building. Anyone up for a photo session there? :) It would be unique!

Keep checking back for some fun images from our Snow Day in New England. The prior post talked about this being a 'pivotal week'-- unfortunately, the snow changed those plans. 'Rescheduled for next week instead. However, I realized today that it's still a very pivotal week, because I hand this in tomorrow:

Gulp. Clinicals start in the fall. So now I just wait. (And take 'Microbiology' and 'Spanish for the Medical Professional.') Wish me well. Please.

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  1. How beautiful! A cool place to go for school each day! I really like the columns. Thanks for doing the card for me too - It came out great.

  2. You're welcome. Now you need to put up a website so I can showcase your paintings!

  3. Glad to see where you have been spending your "days and nights". Your mother

  4. Can't wait to see the photo of "Nursing Application Accepted!" instead of just enclosed. :)

  5. By the way the answer is G. Fox & Co. Do I get a prize? ;)

  6. Yes, you get a prize! :) How about an Urban Photo Shoot in downtown Hartford for your birthday? :) I know, you already have that in a gift certificate. I expected that only people of a 'certain age' would remember that!

  7. I only know about G. Fox because people of a 'certain age' talk about it every now and then. I won't mention names though!

  8. Do you like your 'prize'? :)

  9. I really like the pic of you! And it is nice to know where you go to school i had a totally different picture in mind.

  10. I remember shopping at G. Fox so i am dating myself i guess

  11. Melinda,
    You remember G. Fox, but not that store. That was closed before you were born and the one you knew was actually bought out by another company and run under the G. Fox name for some time. Does anyone know the name of the family that owned the original G. Fox company? My great aunt actually worked for the family and was considered by the rest of the family to have a great job and gave the most expensive Christmas gifts.

  12. oops! Wasn't before you were born, sorry