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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Aly & Chris Slideshow

We had a good time tromping through the yard at Chris' parent's property. The snow made a beautiful setting for our afternoon, and the temperatures here in CT (finally!) cooperated. 'Good thing Aly had the day off from teaching. (Don't worry- you were smiling with your eyes, Aly-- and have a good time in Jackson, Chris.)

Thank you both- and enjoy the slideshow.

If anyone has trouble viewing the slideshow, you can see it directly here: http://picasaweb.google.com/betsyhany/AlyChrisSlideShow1#slideshow
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  1. aww! They're beautiful!!! I especially like the black and white photos and the ones in front of the red barn!

    Nice picture of the ring on the branch too!

  2. betsy, these are awesome!!! seriously, i LOVE these! i love the photos in front of the red barn, and the ones with the tree line in the background, AND the ones walking down the road. i'm going to see if i can comment on the individual photos in your picasa gallery... :) FANTASTIC job!!

  3. This is absolutely amazing how your work has made these memories vivid for us to view and enable us to feel this loves beginning ...It is true love as no one can glow so deep.We are just very happy and wish their lives with much health and gods blessing.
    thank you
    Coni and Ami from Germany
    The world really isnt that big

  4. Erica, while I was triggering the shutter, your 'voice' (which I've never heard! :) was echoing in my head: esp. the one re: dead space. So thank you. You really are the best.

  5. betsy -- i don't know how it works when i leave a comment on your picasa page, but i went through and left you some notes on my faves! :) just in case you don't get an alert about that... thought i'd let you know! :)

    and i'm glad my "voice" traveled thousands of miles this weekend! :)

  6. Betsy! I found your blog through Erica's recent post! Isn't Erica awesome??? She helped me get started way back when and she was so amazing with her generosity and patience!

    My favorite picture from this set is the b&w one where Aly is looking directly at the camera and Chris is looking down at her. Suh-weet-ness! Excellent use of "dead/negative space" and composition! Looking forward to seeing how you progress as a photog!

  7. @ La Brisa: Thanks for the comment! Erica is quite a girl! I wouldn't be where I am in this journey w/out her mentoring. I was so surprised when I read your comment, and checked out the post. WOW! I'm so honored. She has a very giving heart, and I'm looking forward to progressing as I continue on in this adventure.
    I'm going to check out your site now. Thanks for the kind words!

  8. Barb and Ruth said:
    Fun exciting pictures. We really enjoyed watching Ali and Chris's engagement photos. Ali and Chris are both so special to us. Glad to see the snow, but glad that it is not down here.

  9. Hi, Barb and Ruth! 'Good to hear from you-- nice that you can see a little piece of 'home'!