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Friday, January 9, 2009

Kin: (n) a group of persons descended from a common ancestor or constituting a family

The definition used to describe this post is completely unnecessary; just look at those faces. 'Pretty obvious that they're siblings. These were taken on a freezing cold day, but all four of them- Katie, Chris, Ethan and Lindsey- didn't complain once. For that matter, they even seemed to enjoy themselves! We had to get their dog Baxter in on the fun, too.
And don't you just love Ethan's (far left) expression in the top photo? (Yes, he is that sweet.)

"Children are our most valuable natural resource."
-Herbert Hoover (American President; b. 1874- d. 1964)


  1. I am enjoying looking at your blog every so often to see if you've posted any new photos...and to see your creativity shown through the images! I feel like I'm in English class (the positive parts of the class) reading poetry too :) Looking forward to the photo session sometime soon...

  2. Thanks, Anonymous. But I know who you are, don't I? :) I'm looking forward to it, too!