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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Special: (adj) distinguished by some unusual quality; readily distinguishable from others of the same category.

Nora and Connor

"There are two things in life for which we are never truly prepared: twins."
- Josh Billings, American humorist & writer (1818-1885)

Twins-- When I say I wasn't prepared for them, it's an understatement. I wasn't prepared for the whirlwind that it would be, for how much they would change our family. I wasn't prepared to see such intense beauty in the twin relationship, and the fierceness with which they protect each other. I wasn't prepared for two pairs of eyes that seem to know the way straight to my heart. Most of all, I wasn't prepared for the joy they'd bring. Completely unprepared.

Next post: Their Big Brother who loves to play with them, read to them, laugh with (and at) them, and plague their life out. A young boy who is growing up way too fast.


  1. Twins! They are beautiful! Love the portraits. Awesome job using natural light, too. It's very soft and lovely!

    My mom is a twin... twins are SO common in my family, so maybe I'll have twins in oh, five or so years... :)

  2. Well, Erica, it's great! I would be thrilled if it happened to you. :)
    And thanks again for all your help. Some of these photos are older, before my new lens and your consults, but like you said, I need to keep it real, right? :)
    I got the new Canon EOS 40D about a half an hour ago via UPS. Umm, I'm really excited!

  3. Betsy,
    I am trying to type with tears in my eyes. All your work is so beautiful and touching- yes, I can attest, we too were unprepared for the joy twins can and still bring. Last night,M & R sat studying together for an English test. Just thoses little things still warm my heart!Love, LaNae

  4. It's good to know that it continues, LaNae. :)