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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sneak Peek x 2

Quick note: Email and phone responses will be delayed while we are "out of the office" for a few days of relaxation and refreshing. Sometimes it's just nice to get away and relax-- but I know I have 2 sets of clients who would love a little glimpse at their awesome sessions.

First up: Emil & Ann, Emil Jr., Ava & Addison: I cannot WAIT to show you the rest of your images. I am loving what we got-- you were so easy to work with. I should have known; you make such awesome neighbors! Here's just a little taste of your 3 adorable little ones. You guys make yet another reason for why I love doing this. So many, many more images to come-

Jennifer, you shined. Positively shined during your senior session. It is always such a joy for me to work with seniors, and I always look forward to each session. Your shoot reinforced my enjoyment of senior pictures! Thanks for going along with any suggestion and idea I had. 'Love clients who can see everyday items as art. And please thank your grandfather for letting me shoot in his awesome truck. Even if he did think I was a little loony... :) I'm excited to show you the rest of your images!

*AVAILABILITY NOTE: I have only two session openings remaining for October. Times are 1:30pm or 3:30pm on Saturday, October 31st, at Elizabeth Park in West Hartford, or in West Hartford Center. Your choice between the two locations. Email me at betsyphoto1@gmail.com to schedule. Thanks!

"I find it refreshing to unplug from it for a while. You kind of forget how deeply you get embedded in it."

-Will Wright

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  1. These are both so awesome! Looking forward to more.