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Monday, October 5, 2009

Dignify: (v) o confer honor or dignity upon; honor; ennoble.

This shoot is one of those that I feel so privileged to capture.

Whenever Ellen sends me an email, I know it will be a great opportunity to capture something meaningful that she has coordinated. Ellen holds the record for the most photo sessions in the shortest amount of time, and I always love working with her and her family.

This session was for Ellen and her little boy Raymond, her cousin Kelly, and their great aunt Lee. Ellen is always so good at organizing her plans; Kelly came from New York City, Ellen picked up Lee at her assisted living apartment, and made sure little Ray was all set to go. Of course, it was helpful to have Jim along to help out, too! :)

I always enjoy photographing people of advanced age, and Lee holds the record for that at 98 years old. I have to admit to getting a little emotional on my way home after this shoot. Lee reminded me so much of my Grandma McBrierty-- her white, white hair, the soft gleam in her eyes, the dignity in her bearing-- and her mind clear, with a sharp wit to match. Couple that with a beautiful little boy in her lap, and it's hard not to be sentimental.

We met at Orchard Hill in South Windsor, and I had fun sipping hot cider and grabbing some fall images before all of the subjects arrived. Not a bad job, is it? :)

Thank you Kelly, Ellen, Jim and Lee. I once again enjoyed our time together, and it was great to meet some new faces. Thanks for trusting me with these memories. Enjoy your preview!

Isn't she beautiful? --

"Remember this,- that there is a proper dignity and proportion to be observed in the performance of every act of life."

-Marcus Aurelius


  1. Thank you sooooo much Betsy. You have captured what is left of a very small family, and for that I am greatful. ~Ellen

  2. What beautiful photos! Lots of emotion. KZ

  3. One of the things that CM tells its consultants is to know your WHY. why you do what you do. THis is one of your WHY's right here. I LOVE it! And yes Lee does strike a memory of Grandma Mac!

  4. beautiful pictures and words, as usual. always brings a smile or tear.

  5. WOW! What an amazing session! The pictures and people in them are priceless!