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Friday, April 17, 2009

Inspire: (v) to give rise to, bring about, cause, etc.

I was recently reading a recommendation from very talented photographer (and mother) Davina Fear about a wonderful, inspiring book called 'A Year of Mornings.' Written by Maria Vettesse and Stephanie Barnes, it follows the two women as they have a 'photo conversation' 3, 191 miles apart. One lives in Portland, Oregon and the other in Portland, Maine. Every day before noon, they would take a picture to document the life they lived, and upload it to a shared blog. Their work became the book, and it's an inspiring way to look at everyday items in life as beautiful art.

So, with that recognition and inspiration, I have begun my own little year of mornings project, and from time to time, I'll share some on my site.

DAY 4:

"The rich, sweet smell of the hayricks rose to his chamber window; the hundred perfumes of the little flower-garden beneath scented the air around; the deep-green meadows shone in the morning dew that glistened on every leaf as it trembled in the gentle air: and the birds sang as if every sparkling drop were a fountain of inspiration to them."

-Charles Dickens, author
from 'The Pickwick Papers'


  1. Im so excited! Day 4 looks great:)

  2. Thanks, Bethany! I knew you'd be watching for it! :)

  3. Shannon KentApril 18, 2009

    Love the new homepage!