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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy: (adj) characterized by or indicative of pleasure, contentment, or joy.

*Be sure to look for the giveaway below, in honor of this being my 50th post.*

We had an eventful, exciting weekend, as April is a busy month for Ryan family birthdays!

Connor and Nora invited one friend each to come over for lunch on Saturday afternoon. Brandon and Lois were great additions to our birthday fun, and added a little extra zest to the table time!

I told the kids they could all act silly once I got a group shot. It was so funny to see how the boys reacted vs. the girls! Lois and Nora weren't quite sure what to think.
Twinkle in his eye, as always-
Speaking of eyes, they really are this blue, and her hair really is this light. Oh, and she really is this sweet!

Brandon dared Connor to kiss Nora. Connor says, "Who cares?! She's my twin, for 'gunnessake!'" It was rather funny as he planted a wet one on her!

Paul's photography debut... Methinks he could be my second shooter!

I love this shot; there is another one of both Nora and Connor looking, but I love how Connor is just enthralled by the fact that U.Kev and A.Kate got him a GLOVE!

Connor's football cake, being spit on... lovingly and unintentionally, of course. Nora had a butterfly cake, which looked... well, endangered. :)

Sunday was their actual birthday, so after church Paul and I and Joel gave Connor and Nora their presents from us. They also found more gifts when we got home, as U. Pete and A. Kelly had made a little delivery. They are enjoying the art sets and sidewalk chalk immensely; thank you, Kelly!

The sign reappears... I like how it looks against our kitchen wall colors; I think I may just get rid of the "Birthday" and leave the "Happy" up for awhile. (I'm serious.) Any thoughts?

Joel helped Connor get the wire off of his figurines-

Nora was quite excited about getting her very own sleeping bag for when we go camping to Cape Cod in the summers...

In fact, she was so excited, that this is how I found her at bedtime when I went to check on her! It hasn't left her bed since.

Connor's loving his Cowboy and Indian set. They are also being enjoyed by a certain big brother!

I really like this shot-
But this is the one that makes me laugh, how Nora's trying so hard to get her arm around him to boost herself up, just a little. ( Good luck, Squeak! Something tells me he'll always be taller than you...)

"It's your birthday, we wish you many more, health and wealth, and friends by the score! Cut the cake and let's eat some more; Happy Birthday to You!"

-John McCutcheon, vocal artist extraordinaire

*So speaking of gifts and being happy, this is a great time to announce an opportunity to win a FREE portrait session with me. In honor of this being my 50th blog post, I will be picking a winner to receive a free 2-hour full portrait session, which includes 'sitting' fee, outfit changes, props, and multiple locations! Prints can be purchased by the winner. In the comment box, leave your name and the story of why you would love a free portrait session. Note to my readers in Central IL: Feel free to enter the drawing, as I plan on being out there in June. This contest is for new shoots only, and does not apply to currently-booked sessions.

I will be announcing the winner here on April 15th. (And to family: sorry, but you can't win. I luv ya', tho'!)


  1. Elizabeth Peasley

    Hi Betsy! I would love to have a photo shoot with you... your amazing at what you do in your photography. Your different settings, props, old and young etc. I enjoy going multiple times a week to your site to see what's new. I know my location isn't right next door to you, but I figure if I win, I can save it for the right time, either here or there :-) I'd especially like to get some beach pics..... or should I say "shore" pics for you Easterners :-) Have a super rest of the week & God Bless your endeavors in this great hobby of yours!!

  2. Hello Betsy,
    You really do a great job...I love your style and the poses that aren't just typical, plain shots. I really do need some new pictures of the kids...it has been about a year since we had their pictures taken. So why would I love a FREE session? I know it would be a stree-free, laid back time and you would get some great pics! Darla Reutter

  3. Sharon KloterApril 09, 2009

    Hi Betsy! Well now you know for sure that I do check your blog all the time! Great pics of the twins! I am intrigued by your contest and I couldn't resist joining in on the fun! I can't wait to see what you can do with our crew of 17! I know it will be the best picture we have ever had taken and on top of that I will do your mending for a year!!! Now how can you resist that?? Really, Betsy, I admire your work--and I am thrilled for you on your success with this hobby. Love, Sharon

  4. Shannon KentApril 09, 2009

    Why I would love to another photo session with you...? Ah, well, because the one of my family was so beautiful yet soooo cooooold too! I KNOW that there could've been an abundance of more beautiful shots to be had! If only given the opportunity of course ;)

  5. Why would I love a photo session free from you? Just to beat my sister in this competition! The thing is she's my big sister and she ALWAYS got to do everything first! First to drive a car, first to get married, first to have kids, she even got to YOU first! Now if this isn't a reason for me to win I don't know what is!
    Also it will get you out to Illinois for sure! Just think of all those city shots, my friend has a roof top deck.....view like you wouldn't believe! I love you Shan!
    Tracey Ellert Montenegro

  6. Betsy,
    I find myself constantly coming to your website to see if you have posted any new pictures. I love your photography, you do an awesome job. As for why I would love a free session, I am going to be getting my senior pictures done in June. I would love to have you do them for me.
    Sarah Virkler

  7. Betz
    For a while I have been thinking that I would love to give my grandma Marge a session with you for a gift for mother's day. It has been a very long time since she has been photographed, and I know you would get some great photos of her! She is such a special woman and can put a smile on anyone' face. So, as for why I would like the free photo shoot is so that we call can remember her special smile for years to come. Betsy you have been given an amazing talent! Marcy

  8. I can see already that it's going to be hard to pick one... :)

  9. Shannon (the BIG sister)April 10, 2009

    Sorry that us Ellert girls are monopolizing your blog Betsy, BUT....TRACEY ELIZABETH!!! You're gonna get it kid!

  10. Shannon KentApril 10, 2009

    Oh and Betz - I would still love to have you along side of me at a birth I am at. I *think* I have one for you in late October...it will be a home birth :) I'll keep you posted!

  11. Betsy Jo:
    Well, you know how much I want to have you do a shoot of my Annie while you are in IL. I just don't know how you could pick anyone else to win this little contest!! Seriously, though, I will have you do it whether we win or not! Can't wait to see what you can do for me! Love your work (and you!)

  12. Jessica MattsonApril 11, 2009

    love the contest, love the pics, love the blog, so, since I'm such a huge lover..you'd have to pick me! Ha! No really..the real reason is because I'm determined to find the best next mystery location (obviously one that hasn't been shot by you yet)!! :D

  13. Lisa AberleApril 14, 2009

    I have 3 adorable nephews who would be very photogenic (wink, wink). I am really enjoying your talent since being tipped off...
    Lisa (Dotterer) Aberle