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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day 13

Things are getting very busy here, with lots of requests for photo sessions now that the beautiful greenery and warm weather are upon us! If you are hoping to book a session for later this spring or summer, now is definitely the time to do so. I just checked my Google Calendar (lifesaver for me, by the way), and when I clicked to the months of May and June, I had to blink! Sessions are filling up very quickly. You can email me- betsyphoto1@gmail.com to book a date. 'Lots going on around here; stay tuned!

So, I am continuing with my 365 Project, and love the one I'm putting up today. The book 'Year of Mornings' inspired me to capture my day in a unique, un-posed way. I can't photograph just the mornings, though, because simple little moments all day long catch my eye. Lately, I've been having clients schedule portrait sessions for the evenings. Why? One word answer: LIGHT. There's something so beautiful about late evening light, how it makes shadows get longer, and flatters the subject, giving an ethereal, dreamy look.

Day 13-

This picture simply makes me happy, with the boys just doing their thing. I like how you can see the light reflecting off of the little bugs high in the air, and how the boys are all interacting in a random way... The little one is holding back his big brother because he wants to see what's going on in the backyard, and the big brother has a tennis ball in his hand, just thinking about letting it fly. Joel's laughing about something, and his younger cousin has the perfect mixture of happiness and glee in his eye. I love how there's a glimpse in the background of a certain little boy ready to pick up the handle of the wagon and take them for a ride. The shadow of the trees, the warm light, and a late spring evening all combine for a sweet little moment. It may not be perfect; the clothes aren't coordinated, and they're not all looking at the camera, but it just makes me happy. I think I see some hint of future years when these boys become young men and just enjoy each others' company hanging out in their grandparent's backyard. I love it. And them.

"But soft! What light through yonder window breaks?"

-William Shakespeare, English poet & playwright