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Friday, January 22, 2010

A New Site. A Print Sale. A Happy Friday. All at once.

It's hard to believe that I'm finally able to post about this project that I've been working on over the past months, but here it is at last. I'm thrilled to announce that I have done something I've never done before: I now have a real, live, breathing website, which can be found here: www.betsyjophotography.com. To say I'm happy and relieved is an understatement. I used ShowIt to create my site, and really enjoyed the creative process. I loved being able to have complete control over every thing that I wanted to put on each page, all the way down to the most nitty-gritty little detail. I had heard it was possible to truly create your own site all on your own, and I wasn't sure I really would be able to, knowing I have no technical web experience. Well, if I can do it, anyone can. I have been very happy with the software, as well as their customer service. So, for you photogs out there, I highly recommend looking into ShowIt.

In honor of this rather momentous occasion (well, momentous for me, anyway), I have decided to do something else I've never done before-- a print sale! For all of you who have been wanting to order additional gallery prints, now is the time! I am offering a 15% off coupon for any prints or products in your gallery. The coupon code is: BETSYJO15. So if you've been waiting to get an enlargement, or have been eyeing that canvas for your wall, be sure to take this opportunity. The sale only lasts until Thursday, January 28th at 11:59 pm. The coupon code is also valid for Prints for a Purpose, the Fine Art print gallery, with 100% of the profits going to our current charity, Autism Speaks. If you need the link to your personal online gallery, email me here: betsy@betsyjophotography.com, and I will send it right to you.

Speaking of doing things I've never done before, here's another-- having a solo photo shoot of my own for my contact page. (Thanks to my wonderful husband for being my personal phtoographer!) Now I have a greater understanding of how it is for my clients to be on the other side of the lens. Let's just say I prefer to be the one taking the photos. Paul did a wonderful job, though, especially because he had to put up with me telling him which aperture I wanted, which ISO to set it at, where to put the focus point, etc. (Yes, you should feel badly for him!) I'm so thankful he had the day off so we could chase some fabulous daylight!

I know this is a lot of business info in one blog post, but I have just one more thing to make you aware of: I am getting lots of emails regarding bookings for this spring, summer, and even fall, too. (I know...) So, I guess what I'm saying is, if you have been thinking about a portrait session, or senior photos, or are planning a wedding, now is really the time to contact me. For 2010, I am planning on taking a limited amount of sessions each month, and don't want anyone to be disappointed if I'm not available. There are a number of people out there with gift certificates, so I want you to be able to get a date set up, too. Email me for our new 2010 package prices and additional info. As always, I look forward to hearing from you!

*I have to add a note of thanks to all my wonderful clients, many of whom I now can call my friends. You have made me smile, going back in time to our photo sessions, as I added them to the website. Thank you for your business and trust in me. I am so privileged to share your memories.

Now be sure to check out my new site ... feel leave a comment or two here with your thoughts; your feedback is important, and appreciated!


  1. Awesome web site, Betsy! I love it...you said you'd travel for photos....MN in the summer?! Probably a better deal than winter! Keep up the excellent work. It's wonderful to see you using your God-given talents in a way that brings so many people so much joy.

  2. I love the web site Betz - awesome design. My favorite is the About Me page! Wow! Katie

  3. Awesome job Betz! You did way better than I ever would have and well....I work for a web company. :-P

  4. Great web site Betsy! I loved the "about me" page. How did you DO that?? So creative!
    Sharon K

  5. You have been quite the buzy bee, huh? I *love* the "about m"e tree! What a creative idea. I'll have to poke around more when I get home from work.


  6. Bets, the web site is AMAZING! You are so creative!
    Lydia :)

  7. Betsy, we love your new website! We follow your blog almost every day...you make us smile. You do a wonderful job - thanks for sharing your talents with us!
    ~Jackie & Jodie D.

  8. Wow Betsy! You'r new site is incredible!! How talented and the about me tree is soooooo clever!! Keep up the good work, we love looking at your pictures!!!!!

  9. Bets
    Love the new website and not just because my kids, neices and nephews are all over it! Great job I am very impressed :)

  10. Wowza!! So amazing!! Well--your website for sure, and these pictures your husband took--he did a great job!! Aren't husbands the best? :):) That tree on the about me page is amazing. You need to win an award for that one!!!

  11. Betz I love the new pictures of you! I just spent the last hour looking at every inch of your new web page and all I can say is like always, amazing! You always put so much of you into all that you do that it could never be anything less than amazing....so I just want to say Thank You, thank you for all the special memories and moments that you have captured for so many lucky people. Thank you for seeing everything through a lense and most of all thank you for sharing so much of yourself with all of us!