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Thursday, November 5, 2009

You sure grew out of your baby ways...

{ "It's your birthday; we wish you many more,
Health and wealth and friends by the score!
Cut the cake, and let's eat some more;
Happy birthday to you! "}

Happy Birthday, Anderson! 'Love you, little man!

This one's for you:


  1. These pictures of Anderson are so good. I heard that he started his day today at 4:45 AM. I think he wants to get the most out of his 1st birthday!
    His Grandma

  2. I LOVE the pictures! Thanks so much for taking them for us! I can't wait to develop them and put them in his book!

  3. Betsy, these pics are so gorgeous and Colleen, he is such a cute little guy!! Andrea

  4. SOOO CUTE!!! Love the smile and the cheeks :) Happy Birthday little buddy!

  5. Wow those are AWESOME!! Love them, Happy Birthday little Buddy!

  6. Love 'em Betz and Love him Col!
    (and both of you too!) K

  7. Colleen~the outfit you got him for his photo shoot is adorable!...and so is he!
    Nice job Betsy!

  8. What a cute little guy. I can really see his dad in him.