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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Little Love: Addison

This session was done a number of weeks ago, but had to be kept under wraps until the birth announcements went out. I'm excited to share this little sweetheart's pictures.

I love being able to feel comfortable and welcomed into someone's home, and have them ready for me to document an amazing, memorable time in their family's life. This was certainly the case with Rachel, Addison's mom. We had a great time rearranging furniture, and changing Addison's outfits, trying hard to get her to sleep, and setting up my vintage scale for some adorable birth announcement photos. We even set the scale to her birth weight... :) So, thank you, Rachel (& Brent, too) for trusting me with this special time.

And a special thanks to Addison JaNae for smiling for the first time just when I was clicking away... You're a lovely girl!

(cocoon and scale from Etsy.com)

Look at that dimple!

And just one more, since I couldn't decide on vintage or black and white:

"Love is not a product of reasonings and statistics. It just comes--none knows whence--and cannot explain itself."

-Mark Twain

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  1. Betsy~
    Rachel had shown these to me over the weekend...they are just beautiful! I especially love the close-up one of Addison in the cocoon in black & white.

  2. I love the pictures, they are all so cute♥

  3. I agree. I guess our family just loves to write comments.

  4. That's good, Leah, because I love to read comments! :)

  5. Love the pictures Rach and Betsy Too!! I especially like the first one...so cute! You will be so happy you have these.