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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Family: (n) a group of related things or people.

What a great group this family was! Everyone was so cooperative and compliant, making my job very easy with a group of 36 people...

'Have to start with the grandparents:

This one below is so nice- all neat and composed... But the next one? Oh, I love the next one...

See? So sweet:

So there's a story behind this next image. The mother of the whole crew has an image from 10 years ago hanging in her hallway. It's a shot just like this, with far fewer people in it! So we worked to recreate history. :) I have it in color, too, but I had to show it in crisp black and white:

We were losing light fast, so we had to move after this shot, but I love the back-lighting here. And a beautiful family to match.

Love the colors they wore:

So nice:

Everyone looking and smiling-- I meant it when I said they were cooperative!

Great outfit choices-- love the white against the greenery:

Just one of them keeping it real... :) (Sorry, I couldn't resist!)

'Love the coordinating colors here- and a beautiful family:


There's just something about sisters:

I was so impressed with the children here. They just did as they were told and worked together. Love it when families cooperate so well.

These next 2 make me smile-

Thanks to all of you-- it was so nice meeting you. Enjoy your beautiful images; you all did such a great job! I will be emailing you the link to your online gallery once it is all completed.

"To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there. "

~Barbara Bush


  1. WOW! Betz~ what nice pictures! Eileen has a beautiful family!

  2. These are all gorgeous! The one of the whole group looking up is so COOL! Great job...