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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cherish: (v) to care for tenderly; nurture.

There's something so moving about seeing a new mother and father care for a newborn baby. They soak in his softness, the sound of his little breaths as his chest rises and falls. Their hands caress the soft hair on his round, perfect head, as if to memorize its shape and feel, to hold him close. His little toes splay outward, and his mother grasps them in her hand, as if to quiet his movements and help him relax-- while his father holds his baby's hands, pride showing in his smile as he looks into his boy's eyes and talks to him, man-to-man.

There's something about seeing it take two people to get a little guy into his onesie, mom holding him up while dad scoots down the top, holding the baby's 'nuk' securely in his mouth, so as not to let it fall. To be able to view through my lens the little arms splayed out, reacting in surprise to a noise or some sense of change. The little lips, all red and formed in a little 'o' as if he has some important, exhilarating discovery he wants to share.

There's something about seeing a newborn and remembering my own. The way our firstborn would make the softest little 'purring' noises when Paul rocked him to sleep, as if to let us know he appreciated his Daddy's efforts. The way Connor's nose scrunched in contentment when he chugged away at any bottle we were willing to give him- and his loud protests when its contents were extinguished. Supporting Nora's peach-fuzz-encased little round head, so small and floppy it felt like holding a fragile bird; her tiny-voiced cries sounding like a little wren. There's something about babies. Watching them grow. And having a little part of me wish I could slow down time, to go back and soak it in just a little more.

Because, really, there's nothing like it.


I absolutely love this next one. Huge yawn.

Scott and Kim, thanks for letting me into your home and trusting me with your beautiful memories! It was such a privilege for me-- and, as you can tell, brought back some sweet memories of our own little ones, who aren't so little anymore. All the best to your new little family!

"Babies are never common. Each one is a miracle."

-Anne Shirley, from Anne of Avonlea by Lucy Maud Montgomery

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  1. Breathtaking....
    It's amazing not only the pictures you take but the amazingly wonderful words you put with them.
    Kim & Scott enjoy every little moment you have. Every cry, smile, the only sleep to get is with him on your chest. It goes by so fast and you feel you can't remember it all. -Carrie

  2. these are be-utiful. good job bets... and what an adorable baby!!!

  3. Amazing photos (as usual) Betsy! I think the ring shots are becoming my favorite pose. :-) ~ Ellen