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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Affinity: (n) inherent likeness or agreement; close resemblance or connection.

There is an old saying about the shoemaker's children never getting any shoes. Some version of that has rung true for us, but it goes like this: the photographer's family never gets a group shot. :) Although I have a plethora of images of our children, we have very few of all 5 of us in one picture, and very few of Paul and I alone. Although I've put it to use, my tripod just doesn't have the same affect as a 'real' photographer capturing the true moments and personality of a family group. But we set out to remedy that last week on a beautiful, warm evening, surrounded by the soft light of pre-dusk, and a field of swaying wildflowers.

My dear friend and kindred spirit, Heidi, was so kind as to spend time with our crew and happily and skillfully go along with all my requests. She even shot w/my camera and my favorite lens so that I could do the post-processing of the images. (That's what happens when this pathetic, rather neurotic photographer gets an idea in my head...)

Heidi and I go way back. Way, way back, really. I don't ever remember not knowing her. She gets me. Even when I can't quite finish my sentence for lack of a real way to bring across my thoughts, she can fill in my blanks and know what I mean. She understands my rather hair-brained ideas, my love for beautiful light and the true moments that photography can capture. An award-winning photographer in her own rite, she's starting to pick the camera up again, and I'm thrilled that she was gracious enough to use us as her subjects! She was so patient and full of unique ideas of her own, which is always appreciated.

Thanks for this wonderful gift, Heidi. We had such a nice time with you, and I'm so, so happy with what we got!-- I have to admit, I have a whole new appreciation for what it feels like to be on the opposite side of the lens. It can be a little anxiety-inducing, but Heids did so well making us feel at ease. I do have to say I prefer 'my side' of the camera far more than the subjects' side...

And for my blog readers, please be sure to leave a comment letting Heidi know how wonderfully she did.

Thank you, Heidi Judy... (And thanks, Doug for putting up w/our long conversations!)

I've had this relaxed, kind of non-traditional pose in my head for awhile-- and Heidi was happy to oblige. I think this one is my favorite... except I like them all, so it's hard to choose!

So this kind of tells the story-- I love to garden. Weeding, picking flowers, getting my hands dirty, while Paul does the heavy lifting and hard work. Literally. But he's so good at it! :)

My sister Kara is so creative, and gave me this 'H' as my birthday gift. I got it the day of the shoot, and had to incorporate it into our pictures. She made it on her own, and covered it with yummy green moss. Won't it look great in our sunroom?

Paul liked this shot in sepia; I like it in color. So I processed it both ways. Thoughts?

Heidi took some profile pictures for use on the site, so I brought along my vintage Zeiss camera. Isn't he cute? :)

'Had to add this one to the batch. This is Heidi with her camera, working away! Thanks again, Heidi Lynn!

Kindred spirits are not so scarce as I used to think. It's splendid to find out there are so many of them in the world."


  1. Beautiful!!! All of it. The pics, the specimens (lol), the background. To quote someone...you both really know how to "capture emotion and beauty, in tandem!"

  2. These are just great!!! I also agree with you that Heidi Judy is a pretty special woman and friend!!

  3. Heidi - You did a great job, but I am probably partial to the subjects! Cheryl

  4. beautiful work, beautiful family.....emh:)

  5. Nice Job! -Bethany

  6. I think I like the pic in color because the sepia looks a little washed out! these are incredible btw.

  7. gail doyleAugust 13, 2009

    beautiful pictures of a beautiful family. great job heidi.

  8. i like the picture in sepia it is more calming and not such a contrast with the white being a little too washed out- the sepia tone kinda hides it. good job heidi!